Data Science Interview Questions – Part 1

Data science is a field which has no ends. It doesn’t matter how much you will read it will always be less. One interviewer told me that you use only 5% of knowledge what you learn in data science. Its actually true. Although the type of questions changes according to the job profiles. I will list all the questions that I ask during the interview and also the questions which were asked to me.

keep checking this blog post as I will always be updating this post.(I will also write their answers soon)

Analytics and Consulting firms

  1. Explain logistic regression? why do we use it? Assumptions of linear regression
  2. Clustering questions- How do you choose between K means and Hierarchical clustering?
  3. Explain ROC curve, Precision- Recall.
  4. What do you mean by p-value(My favorite question. Most people don’t know answer to this question)
  5. Explain the steps in a data science project.
  6. Difference between machine learning and statistical modeling.
  7. Explain me logistic regression in LAYMEN TERMS. (Without using technical words)
  8. What is the correlation? Is it bad or good?
  9. What do you mean by data science.(Another fav)
  10. Types of join.(Must)
  11. What is R square?
  12. What is random forest?
  13. Explain any algorithm end to end.(Most often logistic regression and decision tree)
  14. Whats the most challenging project you have done? How did you overcome ?
  15. Explain Central limit theorem.




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