A long time!!

Hi Guys!
How have you been doing? Sorry for not writing anything in past few years. I had been doing crazy shit work. Ohh no.. that is just an excuse, I am telling myself. The motivation of restarting the blog came because I am seeing a lot of junk content on the web about data science(last week, I came across an advice that 4GB laptop is good for data science and much more rubbish things).

There are a lot of things I want to talk about. The things which most people do not talk about. I will cover the following things in upcoming articles:

  • Why almost all the paid data science courses are just junk and how to judge if a course is good for you?
  • How to maximize the success rate of data science projects?
  • How to customize agile development for data science?
  • How to be more productive in your work?
  • Why data science is hard and what can you do about it?
  • How to succeed in data science in startups?
  • How to structure data teams to get the best outcome?
  • How to design data science projects?
  • How to think about data science problems?
  • Is data science the right career for you?
  • What have I learnt from 5 years in data science?
  • How to evaluate a data science job?
  • Best practices in data science.

Please tell me in comments if you think I have missed something that you want me to talk about.


Author: Ved

I am working as Data Scientist to assist organizations to take better decisions by providing actionable insights by applying data science,maths and business knowledge to the Data.

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